We are a learning center (grades 6-12) after school and during vacations.

We are a gaming center (ages 13 & up) evenings and weekends.

Learning Center

Afterschool & Vacations
  • Free! Choose your Game Day(s). Play Weekly!
  • 3 Gaming Rooms, Chill-Out Room, Painting Kitchen
  • Game Library. Try Everything for Free.
  • No Experience? Gamers LOVE to Teach their Games.
  • Day Lockers and Storage Lockers
  • Shop for Learning/Gaming Essentials
Grades 6-12

For this school year, we are forming afterschool clubs, FREE of charge. If interested, please email Sean@VanguardSkills.Com. I’m looking for club founders. I can reward up to $400 for founding a club with at least eight players for at least eight weeks. Below are some possibilities:

  • Monday Clubs
    • D&D Club
    • My Hero Academia Club
  • Tuesday Clubs
    • Co-Op Boardgame Club
      • Work Together, Win Together!
      • E.g., Marvel Champions
      • E.g., Zombicide Invader
    • Warhammer Club
  • Wednesday Clubs
    • Lord of the Rings: Journeys Club
    • Catan Boardgame Club
    • Marvel Miniatures Club
  • Thursday Clubs
    • Warhammer Club
    • Pokemon Gaming/Trading Club
    • Yu-Gi-Oh Gaming/Trading Club
  • Friday Clubs
    • Magic: The Gathering Gaming Club

Gaming Center

Evenings & Weekends
  • Free Play, League Play, Themed Play
  • Play Whatever You Want Whenever You Want!
  • Join a League (e.g., D&D, 40K, MTG)
  • Tuesday Themes: Boardgames and Kill Team
  • Thursday Themes: Necromunda and Commander
  • Friday Theme: Friday Night Magic Booster Draft
Ages 13 and Up

Roll some dice, play some cards, place some tiles, move some meeples. We are a friendly community of gamers. Beginners are welcome! Gamers love to teach their games. Please join us.

Winning is great, but our emphasis is on fun, fairness and fellowship.  Poor sports can stay home. We laugh at our losses (and our wins!). We value a positive play experience for everybody at the table.

We are a community of gamers.